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Best Selling Strains:

Zambeza holds marijuana seeds in such reverence that it’s been said that they treat their seeds like diamonds - precious and valuable. And just as there are many different types of diamonds, Zambeza focuses on several different types of marijuana seeds, too. Growers can find autoflowering, feminized, and regular seeds here and know that they will all be of the highest quality.

Some of Zambeza’s most popular strains are White Widow XL, Crystal Silver Haze, Dutch Amnesia Haze and Blue Magnum. These seeds, like all of Zambeza’s seeds, are produced organically and hand-selected so that only the very best make it out to growers. Each seed must also go through rigorous testing to ensure high germination rates and so that Zambeza can be sure that every one of their seeds has superior taste and effect.

There’s a lot to love about Zambeza seeds and there’s a huge selection to choose from, too. Find your favourite right here at 420-Seeds and know that you’re getting a seed as precious as a diamond!

25 Strains