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Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion is not just one of the largest seed banks in the world, they’re also one of the oldest. Dutch Passion opened its doors in 1987, although it had been working hard to find the best cannabis genetics since the 70s. And along with being one of the first original seed banks, they’ve also been one of the most popular since that time. Why? Because it’s all right there in their name - they have an unsurpassed passion for delivering growers all around the world with the best seeds possible.

For over 30 years, Dutch Passion has been providing a number of cannabis varieties for all types of growers, from novices to veterans. They also have many different types of seeds so growers looking for feminized, auto-flowering, medical, indoor, outdoor, and regular seeds will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for right here.

For those that want to experience the best Dutch Passion has to offer, you may want to try some of their most popular strains including Dutch Passion Blueberry, Think Different, Freddy’s Best, Dark Delight and Night Queen, to name just a few.

Dutch Passion has become such a huge seed bank that their seeds are sold at most seed banks today and you can find many of their varieties right here at 420-Seeds!


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