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Regular Marijuana Seeds

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33 Strains
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  • Afghan Marijuana
    The harsh environment of the mountainous regions of Afghanistan encourages plants to grow in a compact shape, which makes this pure Indica strain a great choice for those looking for a strain to grow in a small space. More Info
  • AK-47 Marijuana
    AK47 Regular is a long-standing favourite with growers for a number of reasons. Best of all it is a really straightforward variety to grow. More Info
  • Amnesia Cannabis
    Those who have the space to give this outstanding Sativa the extensive head-room it requires, will be rewarded by a robust and resilient strain, which produces a delicious smoke with an excellent effect. More Info
  • Big Bud regular seeds
    Big Bud has long been a big favourite amongst both growers and users alike. Growers love the fact that this compact and fairly robust Indica produces yields which are genuinely legendary to the extent that Big Bud tends to need some sort of support to prevent the weight of its numerous buds from literally snapping the branches. More Info
  • Blue Cheese Seeds
    Blue Cheese Regular is a cross between (UK) Cheese and Blueberry and tastes just like a delicious board of fruit and cheese, with a bit of pungency to give it an edge. More Info
  • Blueberry  Marijuana
    Blueberry Regular is often known as the choice of A-listers due to its exquisite flavour, physical beauty and medical properties. The flavour is close to genuine blueberries and the appearance of this strain is almost as good as it tastes. More Info
  • Bubble Kush
    Bubble Kush
    Bubble Kush has the sweet, refreshing flavour of Bubblegum with the powerful effects of beloved classic OG Kush. It also delivers impressive yields, particularly for a strain which has such a high level of THC. More Info
  • Bubblegum Marijuana
    Bubblegum Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Bubblegum is a 1990s star, which has never lost its shine. A balanced hybrid, it is very easy to grow, but is extremely rewarding. More Info
  • California orange bud
    California Orange Bud is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which means it stays reasonably compact for much of its growth cycle, but it does tend to shoot up in the last couple of weeks. More Info
  • Critical
    Critical has been a huge success with both amateur and commercial growers, both of whom love that this strain offers an outstanding balance of robustness, yield, taste and effect. More Info
  • G13 Haze Feminized
    G13 Haze
    G13 Haze Regular is a legendary strain in more ways than one. The story goes that the variety we now know and love was liberated from a top-secret U.S. government laboratory by a technician who wanted its benefit to be shared with the world. More Info
  • Hollands Hope Regular
    Holland’s Hope is a strain created to give hope to those who find themselves forced to grow outdoors in cooler climates. More Info
  • Ice regular marijuana
    Ice Regular has a proud pedigree being a skillful cross between some of the best varieties of weed known to humankind. The result is a compact Indica-dominant with excellent levels of THC and simply packed with the white trichomes from which it gets its name. More Info
  • Lemon Haze
    Lemon Haze Regular is a strain which just cuts through all your troubles from lack of concentration to headaches and general pain. More Info
  • Northern Lights Seeds
    Northern Lights Regular was a regular Cannabis Cup winner back in the 1980s and since then has been used as a base plant for producing numerous outstanding hybrids. More Info

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Marijuana seeds are just as mother nature makes them. They are the natural offspring of a pollinated female cannabis plant. Regular seeds are simple and easy and will grow into either male or female plants. Different environmental factors can influence how the finished plant will go in terms of its sex, but either way our 100% natural and highest quality F1 marijuana seeds will not disappoint. Being completely natural and unaltered in any way, regular marijuana seeds are often highly prized as being the purest representation of the traits and characteristics of the parent. They should breed true with little variation in quality or phenotype making them a safe bet for many connoisseurs. As these can grow in to male or female marijuana plants, regular seeds are the choice of growers who are looking to start breeding as it is the male plants that produce the required pollen.