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Born from a hybrid mix of White Widow and Big Bud strains, this Indica dominant blend, White Widow Max, by the trusted stoner experts at MSNL provides deeply relaxing effects. With relatively high THC levels combined with a mix of CBD and CBN, this plant offers both recreational and medicinal properties.

Price: US$74.74
THC Content20%-24%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
BreederMSNL Seeds
GeneticsWhite Widow x Unknown Indica
Outdoor harvestEnd Of September
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant

Strain Traits


White Widow Max Strain Information  

Flourishing in temperate climates, White Widow Max is perfect for growers in a range of climates. With a flowering period of 8–10 weeks, producing yields of 500-600gr/m², this strain will give you high volumes of top-quality bud in no time. It is best known for its potent, relaxing effects, making it ideal for an end of day delight. In terms of medicinal use, users have reported relief from depression, insomnia and chronic pain. This ease of growth, combined with its medicinal benefits, makes White Widow Max a truly unique and humbling hybrid.  

What are the Effects of White Widow Max? 

The initial hit will leave you with a huge head rush of euphoria, combined with an immediate energy boost like no other. Although it is known for its relaxing traits, stoners around the world use White Widow Max for a daily kick-start as well as an end of day relaxant.  

After the initial buzz, this strain slowly moves into a body-soothing Indica high that this bud is known for. This content feeling can last for long periods of time, making it the ultimate chill-out stoner smoke. The mix of effects offers smokers a unique insight into the possibilities that a well-balanced hybrid can provide.  

How do you Grow White Widow Max Seeds? 

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor grow settings, White Widow Max is an easy to manage bud that makes it perfect for beginner growers. Maxing out at around 80cm-120cm, this plant is easy to control, while still offering high yields of 500-600gr/m².  

A flowering time of only 7–10 weeks, White Widow Max provides you will high-quality buds that are ready for harvesting in a short turn around period. Make sure you let enough light in to all the branches, as the smaller grow height may mean flowers bunch up closer to each other than other strains with higher plants.  

White Widow Max Taste and Smell  

A relatively traditional and well-balanced bud, White Widow Max offers an exotic spicy hashiness and a strong earthy base when smoking. When you pop open the jar, you will be greeted with a refreshing sweet smell that is rounded out nicely with a hint of citrus and pepper. 

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