Do Si Dos Auto Feminized

Breeder: 420 Seedbank
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Do Si Dos Autoflower is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain, boasting THC levels up to 25%. Noted for a high yield and a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, it exudes an earthy, sweet aroma.
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THC ContentOver 25%
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
CharacteristicMassive Yields High THC Easy To Grow
Breeder420 Seedbank
GeneticsGirl Scout Cookies X Face Off OG x Ruderalis

Strain Traits


What is the Do Si Dos Autoflower strain?

Do Si Dos Autoflower is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, resulting from a cross between the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. As an autoflowering variant, it offers convenience in growing and faster harvest times.

What are the effects of Do Si Dos Autoflower?

Renowned for its potent effects, Do Si Dos Autoflower boasts THC levels up to 25%, producing a powerful, body-centered high. Users often report feeling relaxed, happy, and mildly euphoric. In addition to its recreational use, it also provides medical benefits, including relief from pain, insomnia, and stress. Despite being predominantly indica, it also possesses cerebral effects characteristic of sativas, promoting focus and creativity. Growing Do Si Dos Autoflower strain Do Si Dos Autoflower plants typically grow to a medium height with dense foliage, showcasing vibrant buds that display an array of purples and greens. The buds are sticky, adorned with crystal trichomes, and have an earthy, sweet aroma. This strain responds well to low-stress training (LST), topping, and the Screen of Green (Scrog) method, maximizing yields in an efficient growing space.
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