The 420 Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programme Benefits

  1. Free to join, easy to start
  2. High visitor-to-customer conversion rate
  3. Earn up to 25% of every purchase your recommendation makes
  4. Use our wide range of custom banners and text links to get started right away

Why become an affiliate?

Firstly, its so simple.

All you need to do is sign up for a regualr account on our website, send us an email asking to join and you are GUARANTEED to be accepted onto the scheme.

Secondly, its a great way to earn money without any effort. Simply add in your personalized affiliate link to any of our great ads  and banners, put them on your site/blog and that's it!

Finally, we do all the work. We will track all incoming users from your site and monitor their spend, updating you affiliate account as soon as they make any purchases. All you need to do is watch the pot build up and withdraw your funds when you are ready.

What do i need to create successful affiliates?

All you need is a digital platform of some description. This can be a website or blog obviously, but it can also be something as a Youtube channel or even a single Youtube video. We can also work with mobile devices using affiliate links from apps. Basically if you have visitors or viewers, you can direct them to us AND GET PAID! 

Of course, if you want them to earn you money, they will need to convert into a sale, so relevance is key.  Sites that already discuss marijuana and its associated topics are far more likely to send a customer that then buys something, but not always... Like the all too true saying goes "EVERYBODY DOES IT"

How to become a affiliate:

To become a part of the 420 affiliate program all you need to do is register with the site and set up an account here, then drop us an email asking to be added to the program and thats it.

If you have any questions about the affiliate program please email us.