420 FAQ’S

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.
Please check if your query is answered here before you contact us as we will not reply to your email if your question has been answered.

Account Queries
Can I place an order even if I don’t have an account?

If you only wish to provide us with the most basic information, you can checkout using the guest option, with no need to create an account. However, at 420-Seeds, we do sometimes provide our account holders with gifts such as discounts, free seeds, and other fun promos – and those are only available if you create an account. Because of this, we encourage customers to create an account, but do not require that they do so.

How can I get into my account to view rewards, my shopping cart, etc.?

This depends on the device you’re using to access your account. On desktop computers and laptops, you’ll find the login/register button in the top-right corner of the page. On mobile devices it can be found in the top left-hand corner, in the menu.

I’ve placed an order and the status is pending. What does that mean?
Status orders that show as pending means that we have not yet completed your order. This is most often because we are still waiting payment from you (when paying by cash, bank transfer, or money order option). Other times we may require additional information from you before we can process your order. Typically we’ll send an email to let you know, but we’ll also alert you with a note at the bottom of your order.
What do I do if I forget my password or username?
Don’t get too stressed out about it just yet. We provide a “forgot your password” link within the login area of the website for customers that have forgotten their password or username. Simply click on it and a reminder email will automatically be sent to your email address. Don’t forget to check your junk folder, too!
Order Queries
Can I receive any free seeds? What strains will they be?

Every order placed with 420-Seeds gets up to 10 free seeds. We are always switching up the free strains that are on offer, you can find those we’re currently offering here.

How long should it take for my seeds to arrive?

If your seeds have not arrived yet, don’t panic. Start by checking on the list of shipping times we provide here. If you should have already received your order according to those times, there are a few options. Customers using standard delivery should wait 25 days after receiving shipping confirmation. If the seeds still have not arrived, contact us so we can track the order. At this time we will also provide you with proof of postage. If the item cannot be tracked and is considered lost or stopped en route, we will resend it at no additional charge.

Customers using stealth delivery will most likely (but not always) have a tracking code. This can be found in the “Orders” section of the account after logging in. If no tracking code can be found, contact us and we will investigate the matter. Lost orders can be reshipped, but customers will need to cover the cost of shipping. Please note that for both standard and stealth delivery options, orders will not be resent if incorrect address information was provided at the time of purchase.

Customers are responsible for ensuring this accuracy. Customers using the guaranteed stealth shipping option will be given a tracking number. If not, contact us so that we can provide you with one. If the item has already been shipped but the tracking code shows that it has not yet been delivered, we will resend your items at no charge, and with no questions asked.

While waiting for a delivery from 420-Seeds, do not throw out any unrecognizable packages you receive in the mail. We are very discreet with our packaging so make sure you fully inspect it and read all material that comes with it. Even then, because we’re so good at hiding seeds within the material, if you can’t find, contact us and we’ll tell you where you can find them!

How will I know that I’m eligible for free seeds?
As long as you have placed an order with us, you will receive at least 2 free seeds, increasing up to 10 free seeds depending on your order value. Once your order has been placed, there’s nothing else you need to do in order to claim your free seeds. We also often have extra promos on some breeders seeds where they give extra seeds if you buy their seeds. Check out the promos section for more details.
How will the packaging be labelled?
All breeders strains are packaged in individual packs that are labelled with the strain’s abbreviation, or a name on a sticker. Some of our mix packs are randomly selected from their respective categories. In these cases, it will be labelled as a ‘mix’ and individual strains will not be labelled.
Where can I find my order information?
Information about recent purchases can be found in the “Orders” section once you log in to your account and click on "my account"
Will I be notified when my order is received and shipped?
After an order has been placed, the website should display a screen with a reference number and confirmation that the order has been received. If this screen does not display after you’ve placed an order, the order was not placed correctly. Shortly after receiving your reference number you should receive an automated email from 420-Seeds letting you know that we have received your order. If you have an account, you will also be able view the full details under the “Orders” section once logged into your account. Once confirmation has been sent that we’ve received your order, please allow 24 business orders to receive your shipping confirmation. This will also be sent to you via email. If you don’t receive shipping confirmation, please check your junk or spam folder, or another email from us. We may be trying to notify you of a problem with your order.
Shipping Queries
How do I find the tracking code for my order?

All orders are sent with tracking, your tracking code can be found within your shipping confirmation. In cases where you’ve deleted your shipping confirmation email, just let us know and we’ll resend you another one. If you’ve set up an account with 420-Seeds, you’ll also find tracking codes for your most recent purchases within the “Orders” section in your account.

Once my order is shipped, how long will it take to arrive?
After we have received your order, we work hard to send out your order within 1 business day. Customers in the UK can expect their orders 1-3 business days after receiving their shipping confirmation and customers in continental Europe can expect their order to take 3-5 business days after shipping confirmation has been received. Customers in any other country may have to wait up to 25 business days after receiving shipping confirmation, but typically it only takes 7 – 12.
What shipping methods are used for seeds?
In addition to the different delivery methods (standard, stealth, guaranteed stealth), all packages sent from 420-Seeds will be sent in a plain, unmarked package. The name of the products inside and the company name will not appear. All packages are also sent from the UK.
What types of shipping do you offer, and what are the differences between them?

We offer standard, stealth and guaranteed stealth shipping options. All seeds come in plain discreet packaging with no mention of the company or product. For all the full details click on HERE for our shipping option page.

Standard shipping typically does not provide a tracking number but is a perfectly reliable method. Stealth delivery offers customers an added degree of privacy. In addition to the plain packaging, the seeds are also hidden within the package itself. This shipment method does require a bit more time and effort when we’re packaging, which is why we must include an added cost. In some cases stealth delivery offers tracking options, but this is not always the case.

Customers that want the ultimate in discretion may opt for our guaranteed stealth delivery option. This shipping method always includes a tracking number and should the item not arrive, we will resend them at no cost to you. 420-Seeds will only resend guaranteed stealth items once, but that is all the time it will take!

Will 420-Seeds ship to my country?

We accept orders from all around the globe and ship discreetly worldwide, with a few exceptions. However, before placing an order we do advise that you check with the laws in your own country. Find more information on shipping options to any specific country, in our shipping and returns section here.

Payment and Billing Queries
What payment methods does 420-Seeds accept?

420-Seeds offers a full choice of payment methods including credit card, bank transfer, UK postal order, international money order, Zelle, ACH or cash. You can find more information about all payment methods here.

What type of credit cards do you accept?

We aim to give our customers the simplest ways possible to pay for their orders. For a full list of all payment methods we accept, check out our Payments page.

What will appear on my credit card or bank statement?

We change the name that will appear on bank and credit card statements often, in order to provide our customers with the most discretion possible.

However because of this, we cannot provide any one specific name that will appear on statements of any kind. We use payment facilities from multiple countries to make it less likely for your card to be rejected, which can also mean that you may have a foreign company name appear on your account; but rest assured it will never have anything to do with Seeds or marijuana (that's just common sense!).

The billing name will also be different on the packaging. If an order arrives and you’re unsure as to whether it’s from us or not, just send us an email and we’ll let you know that the package is from us.

Where can I send cash or a money order?

Check out our Payments page to see the variety of ways you can send a payment to 420-Seeds.

Why is the amount on my statement more/less than I thought it would be?

420-Seeds allows you to view prices in the currency of your choice to make it easier for you to compare prices. Currently those currencies including the British Pound, Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars. However, we will always bill you in GB Pounds, regardless of the currency you viewed on the site. This will vary, depending on that day’s exchange rate. When the payment is processed, the GBP will be converted into your national currency, which will make for a slightly higher or lower amount than the GBP amount you were billed.

If you are ordering from outside the country, your bank may also charge you a small fee for the international transaction. This is a fee set and applied by the bank; 420-Seeds has no international fee.

Why was my credit card declined when I know the payment should have gone through?
This happens most often when ordering outside of your own country. Banks will often block the transaction because they are not sure of its validity. The solution is simple enough, just call your bank and let them know you’ve ordered something from a foreign website and that you’d like the payment to go through. As we use a bank in Asia, it is quite common for your bank to have a standing block on countries which means a payment attempt may not even register with them until you specifically request the block to be lifted.
Will I be notified when you’ve received my cash or money order?

We will send you an email after receiving your money order or cash payment. This can sometimes take one or two weeks, so wait this amount of time before contacting us about a payment that was sent. To see more information on payments and processing times, check out our Payments page.

General Queries
How can 420-Seeds offer seeds that are so affordable?

We have a couple of secrets at 420-Seeds that allow us to keep our costs low while still providing our customers with the highest quality product. We start by purchasing seeds straight from the best breeders, cutting the costs of the middleman. We also offer a range of seeds of our own white label seeds bred for us, but buy them in bulk so that we can pass even more savings onto our customers.

The strains listed on our site from specific breeders are usually bought direct from them, without the need of a distributor so we can afford to list them cheaper than many other sites out there. Do not worry though, they are 100% legit strains directly from those breeders in their original packaging and sealed up to keep them in mint condition for you.

This also allows us to keep only the freshest seeds, with most being turned around after only 60 days. While we have the seeds in stock, they are always kept in commercial fridges to help maintain maximum freshness.

How do I know my seeds will germinate, and how many will be female plants?

The seeds sold by 420-Seeds are meant for souvenir purposes only, as the germination (or sprouting) of them is illegal in many parts of the world. However, in those areas where growing marijuana is a legal activity, we also pride ourselves on having the highest-quality seeds that boast germination rates of near 100%. But, seeds are still a natural product and so slightly unpredictable. For this reason we do not provide guarantees on the germination of any of our seeds.

When buying regular seeds, there is no guarantee of female plants. Much of this will depend on growing conditions, as better conditions will yield more females and poor conditions will yield more males or hermaphrodite plants. We do offer feminized seeds, which are engineered to produce 99.9% female plants. However, even these plants can turn into hermaphrodites or males when they are placed under great stress.

I’m new to growing and want to know more. Can you help?

Unfortunately not. At 420-Seeds we sell our seeds for souvenir purposes only, as the cultivation and germination of marijuana seeds is illegal in most parts of the world. If however you live in an area where seeds can be germinated legally, you can find plenty of information online, including online retailers such as Amazon.

What if I’m looking for a strain that’s not on your site?
Because we do try to keep our selection as wide as possible with the most popular strains, there is a lot to choose from on our site.However every now and again a customer does want a strain that they don’t see on our site. If this happens, just send us an email and let us know. We have networks with the most reputable breeders, and we can always ask them if they have what you’re looking for. And because you’re working with us, you’ll get our preferential rate from the breeder, as well.
Will I have to sign for my order once it arrives?
As a company we do not usually require customer signatures on any of our orders once they’re received. However, if your order has a tracking code your local post office may hold it and therefore require a signature before handing it over. We do offer our customers a link within the checkout area where you can advise us that you do not want your order to require a signature.
How do I know 420-Seeds is a reputable company that I can trust?

We are one of the original seedbanks since 1999, and we’ve been serving happy customers ever since that time. We work hard to make sure that each and every one of our thousands of customers around the world receives a high-quality product that they’re satisfied with from the time they place their order to the time it arrives at their doorstep.

If you have any concerns that the seeds you order from us are not on the level, contact the breeder of the seeds you are interested in or have a look on their site. Most breeders list the legitimate re-sellers somewhere on their site and you can usually find us there.

How long can seeds be stored?

Optimal storage condition for seeds is in a cool, dark and dry place. Under these conditions seeds can be kept fresh for at least two years. To extend the shelf life of seeds even longer, keep them in an airtight container in refrigerated conditions of about 4 – 6 degrees Celsius.

What do I do if my question hasn’t been answered within this list?

If the answer to your question is not listed within these FAQs, visit our contact page here to find out the best way to contact us. Please have your order number ready when you get in touch if possible as it really speeds things up!.

Why haven’t I received a reply to the email I sent?

While we strive to respond to all email inquiries within 24 business hours, there are sometimes reasons why you haven’t seen a response. It may have simply gotten sent to your spam or junk folder, so be sure to check there first.

Certain questions we are prohibited by law from answering, and when we receive emails about these topics, we will not answer them. Be sure to read both the site disclaimer and legal policy before submitting questions. It’s not that we don’t want to answer all questions; it’s that we do want to obey the law.

Lastly, certain email servers and Internet service providers simply won’t allow incoming emails with these extensions: @sbcglobal.net, @att.net, and @bellsouth.net. If you are using an email with one of these extensions, try using a free Gmail or Yahoo mail account instead and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively you can reach us through our Facebook messenger.