420 Breeders

If you’ve ever ended a long stressful day with a smoke of your favourite strain then chances are you have a cannabis seed breeder somewhere to thank for it. Professional cannabis seed breeders are behind many of the big name strains that are enjoyed worldwide; effectively making them the brains behind the buzz.

Cannabis seed breeding is no easy feat and it takes plenty of experience and skill to create the kind of strains that are so sought after by enthusiasts across the globe. Getting even modest results will be beyond most newcomers, though a winning formula is occasionally discovered purely by accident! This leaves the question of what cannabis seed breeders do to create those legendary strains we all know and love.

The process essentially involves the breeders zeroing in on traits or characteristics they would like to see, or imagining how an existing strain could be improved. This is achieved by identifying parents that have these genetics and crossing them together.

When these parent strains are crossed they create the first generation plants, which are generally called ‘F1’. Those with the best characteristics are further bred either with the original parent strains or another plant from this same batch. This is done again and again down the next generations (named ‘F2’, ‘F3’ etc) until the breeder has a strain that is both stable and close to what they had in mind.

The process takes a lot of skill and patience, and it is the reason why big name cannabis seed breeders such as Dutch Passion, Nirvana and Bomb Seeds are so well respected. You may one day be ready to invent your own dream strain, but until then there are plenty of professional breeders working hard to make sure you’re never far from a great smoke. We should know – we have the seeds to prove it!


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