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The history of Buddha Seeds may be as mysterious as the religion of Buddhism itself. What is known however, is that this seedbank was one of the first to bring auto-flowering strains to the masses. Many say that this seedbank followed in the footsteps of The Joint Doctor. Today though, Buddha Seeds is making a name for themselves with some of the best autoflowering strains on the market. White Dwarf, Syrup, Deimos and Magnum are just a few of the strains the seedbank is best known for.

Buddha Seeds may be best known for these autoflowering strains, but they certainly do more than that as well. They also offer regular strains such as Buddha Kraken and Buddha Pulsar. While these may not be autoflowering strains, they still have a quick flowering time of eight to nine weeks. These strains, just as Buddha’s autoflowers, will also bring large yields in very little time.

Buddha Seeds has been making its name as one of the best seedbanks in the business for several years now. Growers that try their hand at any of their outstanding strains won’t be disappointed.


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