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  1. Cannabis defoliation step by step guide
    Cannabis defoliation step by step guide
    Defoliation is the definition of controversial in weed cultivation circles. Some growers swear by it, others not so much. But when you are trying to maximize your crop yield, selectively and carefully removing some of the fan leaves (especially ones shading bud sites) can help. Some cultivars grow super bushy, to the point where airflow and light penetration are restricted, and humidity levels rise. That's when defoliation may be the help you're looking for. What does it mean to defoliate cannabis? There are a couple of different weed defoliation techniques, but at its core, defoliation is the process of removing some of the fan leaves, us...
  2. Can you top autoflower cannabis?
    Can you top autoflower cannabis?
    Plant training techniques come in all shapes and sizes. From the simple low-stress technique of gently bending the branches and tying them down to the frankenstein esque high-stress technique of mainlining, there are so many ways to manipulate your plants for maximum yield and quality. But topping is definitely up there with the most often used and most effective techniques. It involves carefully removing the top of the plant, specifically the newest growth tip, which forces the plant to focus on growing multiple new tops instead of just one main cola. But, is it recommended, or even possible, to top autoflowering weed plants? Should you t...
  3. How to top cannabis plants and increase yield?
    How to top cannabis plants and increase yield?
    Topping your cannabis plants is a totally free and amazingly easy way to double, quadruple, or even octuple (that's an increase of eight times) the number of main colas that each plant produces. The list of marijuana plant training techniques is extensive, to say the least, but topping (while considered somewhat 'advanced') is actually pretty straightforward and should be in your bag of cultivation tricks from the day you begin your weed-growing adventure. All you need is a weed plant that has 4 to 6 nodes already developed, a pair of clean scissors or a razor blade, and just a light sprinkling of know-how - which is what you are here to l...
  4. How much is a dime of weed?
    How much is a dime of weed?
    Ever wondered what a dime bag of weed is and why it's called that? You're in the right place! Let's dig into where this cannabis slang name originally came from. Where did the term ‘dime bag’ come from? The term "dime bag" or “dime sack” is slang for $10 worth of weed. It was given the name “dime” referring to the name of the American 10 cents coin. The name dime bag caught on in the 70’s and has since been used to refer to any $10 bag of weed. How much does a dime bag of weed weigh? A dime bag of weed typically weighs about one gram, however the name ‘dime bag’ refers to the cost rather than...
  5. How much is a dub of weed?
    How much is a dub of weed?
    The wonderful world of weed words is constantly spewing out new street terms for us all to keep up with, but what about the good old days? The days before legalization, when street dealers and smokers alike needed to keep things more 'under-wraps' than they do nowadays. There were no mega-dispensaries for us to wander into, browse the shelves, and choose a few different grams of the best weed man has ever grown. Nope, it was corner deals, and if you were lucky enough to score a 'dub' of something decent, then you were a happy camper. So, how much is a dub of weed these days? What is a dub of weed? A dub of weed doesn't actually have...
  6. How much is a zip of weed?
    How much is a zip of weed?
    Weed culture is full of seemingly never-ending slang that, to the uninitiated at least, can be a tad confusing. One such word, used mostly in the USA but increasingly in other countries too, is "zip". But what exactly does it mean in the context of marijuana? And how much weed does a zip contain? Let's hit the streets and find out. How much is a zip of weed? A 'ZIP' of weed is a word that describes one full ounce of buds. While most of the world has moved away from the imperial system for most things, the old-world style of measuring reigns supreme when it comes to the weight of weed. Sure, you'll most often ask for a gram...
  7. What is an eighth of weed?
    What is an eighth of weed?
    Weed jargon is a world of its own, and for those new to the cannabis community, it can be pretty confusing. A whole new set of words and measurements is introduced when talking about everyone's favourite plant. ScrOG, Sativa, 420, autoflower, kief, and edibles all sound like a foreign language to the uninitiated. But fear not, we are here to help decode the weed enigma and answer one of the most common questions - "How many grams is an eighth of weed”. How many grams is in an eighth? If you're buying from trusted sources, then you should be able to count on an 'eighth' being bang on 3.5 grams. But if you are sourcing your green sticky-icky...
  8. Guide to low stress training cannabis for bigger yields
    Guide to low stress training cannabis for bigger yields
    It doesn't matter if you're growing a couple of little autos in your cupboard, or an outdoor crop full of the biggest Sativas you can get your hands on, one thing is true for all weed growers - we want to help our ladies along to the largest possible yields! Some may look to add a bunch of (mostly) unnecessary additives, while others might pray to the old gods and new, but many skip one of the easiest ways to guarantee a bump to the final harvest - Low Stress Training, or LST. What is low stress training cannabis? Low stress training is a cultivation technique (actually more than one, but we will get into that a little further down...
  9. What Is Cannabis Bud Rot? And how to treat it
    What Is Cannabis Bud Rot? And how to treat it
    With a name like bud rot, you know it can’t be good. Cannabis bud rot is something no grower ever wants to see in the later phases of plant maturity. Salvaging bud rot is difficult, but if you catch it early enough you can treat it. It’s important to be able to spot those early signs and even more important to understand the common bud rot causes so that you can help you prevent it. What is bud rot?  Put simply, cannabis bud rot is a fungus or mold that can grow on cannabis plants. More technically it’s known as botrytis cinerea, or gray mold. The pathogen initially develops from the center of the buds, and stem and normally appears...
  10. DIY Cannabis Oil From Home - The Top Methods & Recipes You Need To Know
    DIY Cannabis Oil From Home - The Top Methods & Recipes You Need To Know
    DIY, or ‘do-it-yourself’ methods for common everyday projects, and self-care routines are rising in popularity. For cannabis, too. From growing your own crops, to learning how to make THC oil at home - there are many DIY options for saving money, and customizing cannabis goods to suit your own personal needs. So, here we’re teaching you the ultimate ways to make cannabis oil recipes from home. Keep reading to find out the easiest ways to DIY cannabis oil, and the benefits of doing so. Continue reading →