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Latest 420 Seeds

  • The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Plant Anatomy

    When cultivating a complex plant like cannabis, it’s best to know all of its working parts. Understanding the basics of cannabis plant anatomy can help you better identify issues, and nurture its health. In doing so, you can maximize growth overall, and most importantly, yields too. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide to the autonomy of cannabis plants for you to learn more.  

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  • What are landrace and heirloom marijuana strains?

    In today’s world of weed, the biggest trends usually represent the latest in strains or products. But as cannabis connoisseurs learn more about the plant, what’s ‘old’ is quickly becoming ‘new’ again.  Recently, there’s been a rise in popularity for the nostalgia of classic cannabis. Especially with heirloom strains and landrace strains. So, what exactly are these genes? And, what do they mean to the industry today? Let’s find out more with our ultimate guide to landrace and heirloom strains, and why you need to know.

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  • How To Increase Cannabis Yields

    There’s nothing worse than working months towards a crop, only to be disappointed with less than ideal yields. But luckily, you can avoid the frustration from the start. When growing cannabis, to increase yields there are a few tricks you can easily implement. Keep reading to learn how to increase cannabis yields, with tips from the pro’s.

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  • Everything you need to know about trichomes

    Everyone loves a beautiful crystal coated bud. In fact, sticky-icky nugs are held at the highest regard in the cannabis industry. But, what are those mini crystals, and what do they mean to the overall quality?

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  • What are terpenes and what do they do?

    Terpenes are commonly known in cannabis for good reason. They produce weed’s unique aromas, and add to its effects, too. Like THC, terps can be just as important to your overall buzz or high. So, it’s important to understand what terpenes are, and what they can do. Then, you’ll be asking - how do I increase the levels of terpenes in my crops?

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  • Can you tell the sex of cannabis seeds?

    If you didn’t know by now...girls rule in the world of weed. That’s because female plants are necessary for producing high-quality buds with high THC levels. In fact, unless a grower is breeding - male plants are typically discarded as soon as the sex of the plant presents itself. But, what if you didn’t have to wait for growth to tell the sex of cannabis seeds? There’s a common myth across the industry that you can identify the sex of cannabis seeds before they sprout. So, is it true? We set out for the answers, to find out. Continue reading

  • How to choose the right cannabis seeds

    When choosing to grow cannabis, it all starts with the right seed. The seed you choose will ultimately decipher how big the plant will be, how long the plant’s life cycle is, the yields you’ll harvest and the effects you’ll be treated to. Hence, the importance of choosing the right seeds. So, just how should you choose the right cannabis seeds for you? Here’s our full in-depth guide to all the factors to consider when choosing which cannabis seeds to grow. Continue reading

  • The Complete guide to harvesting, drying and curing weed

    Nothing is more exciting than watching your own cannabis plants reach maturity. But work doesn’t stop once the buds start appearing. After carefully cultivating your plants for weeks, there are a few important final tasks: timing your harvest right, trimming your buds properly, drying them correctly, and curing them. These steps are crucial to ensuring a high-quality crop.

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  • How to store cannabis seeds

    High-quality cannabis seeds have a germination rate of around 100% if cultivated within six months. But growers often want to wait longer, perhaps using just some of their latest batch or collecting the seeds from a successful harvest and saving them for future use. Thankfully, it’s possible to effectively store marijuana seeds until you’re ready for your next crop. But using the right techniques is crucial. Knowing how to store marijuana seeds is fundamental to ensuring their viability. Continue reading

  • Spooky cannabis strains to spark up this Halloween

    Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays around for its spooky thrills, and sweet treats. Two traits that go hand in hand, with weed’s ability to relax and produce a case of the munchies. There’s nothing quite better than carving jack-o-lantern’s while puff, puff, passing or curling up to a horror film, with a fully packed bowl. So, creep it real this Halloween with our list of hallo-weed themed strains that will elevate any frightful festivity. Continue reading