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The wizards at MSNL have done it again, this time with Wedding Cake Auto. By expertly crossing two of the best strains of the past five years (Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies Auto), MSNL has created a delicious, easy-to-grow, and potent autoflowering strain that lives up to the name and finishes in as little as seven weeks from seed.

Price: US$58.23
THC Content16%-19%
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
TypeAutoflower Feminized
BreederMSNL Seeds
GeneticsWedding Cake x Girl Scout Cookies Auto
Outdoor harvestJune, October
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant Ruderalis

Strain Traits


Wedding Cake Auto strain information

You have most likely tried Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies Auto because who hasn't? Two stand-out strains and some of the most awarded weed cultivars of all time. But what happens when you mix the two and then spend a little too long backbreeding?

You get Wedding Cake Auto by MSNL, and boy, oh boy, is she a good one.

You'll be met with everything you love about the original Wedding Cake, but with an even more intense and potent high thanks to the Girl Scout Cookies Auto genetics. With THC levels reaching up to 20 to 24%, Wedding Cake Auto is not a strain for the faint of heart, but great for a rainy day in and some serious relaxation.

What Are The Effects Of Wedding Cake Autoflower?

If you want a strain that will hit fast and hard and get those tight back muscles comfortable and loose in no time, then Wedding Cake Auto is the one for you. The 60/40 split of Indica to Sativa genetics means it's not all sleep-inducing, but it might not be one to tuck into before starting a busy day.

Medical weed patients looking for a powerful and long-lasting strain that is great for treating pain, stress, and insomnia should give this one a try.

How do you grow Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds

Wedding Cake Auto is about as hardy as they come and does really well in most climatic conditions. One of the easiest to grow options in the entire MSNL range (which is full of beginner-friendly options), this strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation with minimal effort.

Most will max out at about the 3-foot mark, and while we don't suggest any heavy-handed training, White Widow Auto will definitely respond positively to some light bending and pruning.

Wedding Cake Auto Taste And Smell

With a name like Wedding Cake Auto, you might expect this strain to have a sweet and dessert-like aroma, which it does...

But that's not all that is going on. The longer you let this strain cure, the more interesting the terpene profile (mostly Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene) will become. With hints of earthy diesel and even a touch of skunk, this strain is complex and unique in its scent.


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