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Breeder: Buddha Seeds
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Vesta is a hybrid autoflower developed by Buddha Seeds between two well known American and European lines. It's noted for its vigor, reaching a medium-large size, where the central bud dominates, covered with heavy aromatic resin.
Price: US$22.23
THC Content18%-20%
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
BreederBuddha Seeds
GeneticsIndica Dominant Hybrid

Strain Traits


Vesta is easy to grow, hardy and suitable for both the most experienced growers looking plants superior quality and for inexperienced growers who need hardy plants to withstand stress. It is a real treat for the palate combining the best of the two continents lines. The European line gives the first fruity citrus flavoyr of grapefruit and tangerine. On the other hand, the American line gives a sour taste that lingers long in the throat, even when they're done. Its has a powerful, relaxing buzz which is both enjoyable and suitable for medicinal use.
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