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When KC Brains says that there are real brains behind their operation, they’re not lying. In the 35 years that this seed bank has been in business, they have been meticulous about the genetics they use to create juicy and delicious strains, and never use random genetics to simply increase production.

Instead, KC is very discerning when it comes to the strains and seeds he uses, putting each through a rigorous testing process that will reveal its germination, potency, and viability potential to ensure that each and every one released is of the highest quality. And any seed that’s not up to snuff gets tossed and replaced with another that is of much better quality.

In order for this process to work, KC can’t have his hand in every cannabis pot, so he focuses on producing regular and feminized seeds. Some of his best include his Northern Light Special, KC 36, and Mango KC.

Mango KC has rich and fruity taste and is a hybrid that will bring both a giggly high and a couch lock similar to an Afghani plant. His Northern Lights Special strain is a play on the classic genetics with KC’s special twist to ensure that every plant grows to its full potential. KC 36 is a skunky strain meant to help you sleep.

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