Cream of the Crop Seeds

Cream of the Crop Seeds

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Cream of the Crop seeds are varied and provide growers and users alike with whatever kind of strain they’re looking for. Couch locks, happy highs, autos, feminized strains with sativas and indicas alike, they’re all bred by this breeder.

Without a website of their own, how the company began and the history behind it is still somewhat of a mystery. But they have relied on their superior genetics that are sold to wholesalers and retailers, to get the word out that this is definitely a seed bank that one can place their whole trust in.

Some of Cream of the Crop’s most well-known seeds are Robocrop, Crop Circle, and Amphetamine Auto. But these are just a few of the many strains they have available that have incredible power, yield, colour and taste behind them.The only way to truly know just how remarkable these seeds is to try them for yourself!


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