Narco Purps Auto by Cream of the Crop Seeds

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Narco Purps is another successfully re-worked version of our original Narcotic Kush - a pure Indica Feminized strain with powerfully high THC & CBD ratios.
Price: US$27.30
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
CharacteristicDeep, Enlightening, Extremely Potent
BreederCream of the Crop Seeds
GeneticsNarcotic Kush x Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani Indica Dominant

Strain Traits


Narco Purps combines the genetics of a rare Purple Afghani and a specially selected Hindu Kush resulting in some of the brightest and most fragrant flowers we have ever seen. With industrious growth behaviour and a very high flower to leaf ratio she produces regal, super dense, purple buds that show a classic incense/hash aroma and taste mingled with unusual floral/grape notes. This, combined with powerful attributes from our Narcotic Kush, make her an empress among Purple hybridized strains. Her bud and leaves acquire the solid, amethyst purple saturation during her explosive flowering period and the high is deep, enlightening and extremely potent. The perfect purple medicine for Insomnia, pain relief or anyone that wants a visually impressive example of a purple strain in their garden… …PURE PURPULICIOUS PLEASURE!
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