Cropolope by Cream of the Crop Seeds

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Cropolope towers above most photoperiod strains and loves the great outdoors where she can swell up to her full potential.
Price: US$25.40
THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time12-14 Weeks
YieldOver 600gr/m²
CharacteristicCreative, Energetic, Daytime High
BreederCream of the Crop Seeds
GeneticsChocolope x Original Haze Sativa Dominant

Strain Traits


This titan Sativa grows with the stature of a Norwegian Spruce and during flowering, will quickly begin stacking chunky, dense, spear-shaped clusters that look like they are dipped in sugar and tipped with golden deep red hairs. Back crossed with an Original Haze, her colourful background of Columbian, Mexican, Indian and Thai genetics produces an outstanding “daytime” high that is both creative and energetic. These effects are delivered with a complex and indulgent flavour profile comprising of a tropical, almost rotten melon funk on the inhale and a decadent, bitter-sweet chocolate on the exhale, leaving a subtle hint of dark-roasted Arabica coffee in the mouth…THE CROPOHOLICS CHOICE!
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