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Blim Burn

Blim Burn

Best Selling Strains:

‘Quality over quantity’. That’s the motto behind Blim Burn Seeds and it’s why an association of growers joined with Green Guide to create the company. Ever since that time, they have only released one different strain per year in order to keep the focus on the highest-quality genetics. And when you know that, you know you’re getting some seriously good stuff that has held the full attention and focus of the brains behind it.

So other than some amazing weed, what else can you expect when you buy Blim Burn Seeds? You can expect cannabis that’s strong with a psychedelic effect, has superior taste that will leave you salivating, and a strong heritage backing it up.

That dedication and focus even extends towards their packaging. Blim Burn packages their seeds every two months, ensuring that the seeds they send out are always the freshest and will bring only the best growing experience to those who are able to get their hands on them. They never repackage seeds, nor do they ever produce for others. They are all about quality, ensuring that the growers who use their seeds can be too.

But don’t take our word for it. Try their feminized Girl Scout Cookies, feminized Sour Diesel, and feminized Critical Daddy Purple to see for yourself!

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