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Spliff Seeds was founded in Amsterdam back in 1995 by two cannabis enthusiasts, Marcel and Erik. From the very first day, these two have placed their focus on providing growers with the very best feminized and regular marijuana seeds. And each and every one must first pass a rigorous test before it’s released to market.

Like all cannabis seeds, those at Spliff Seeds start with a mother and father that have been inspected and tested to ensure that they will only produce near perfect plants. Once these plants have created seeds, those seeds are harvested, but the process isn’t over just yet. Each seed is put through aggressive testing to establish germination rate, viability, and girl power so that only the best possible genetics are passed on to growers.

That stability, viability, and potency are used to put a new spin on classic strains such as Power Plant, White Widow, and Super Skunk. Growers looking for regular seeds will find them within the Bronze and Silver collections offered by Spliff Seeds, while the Gold collection consists of their feminized seeds. Whatever kind of seeds you’re looking for, you can find many of Spliff Seeds varieties right here at 420-Seeds!


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