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Sensi Seeds

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Sensi Seeds

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Sensi Seeds the oldest and best seedbank. With years of experience they are the original dutch breeders and you can get all their strains here at 420 Seeds! The seeds they produce are so good that today, they are a seed bank that has made themselves into a household name. With the huge selection they have of high quality genetics, it’s no wonder why. When you choose Sensi, you know you’ve chosen a breeder you can put your full trust in. And it all started with Ben Dronkers. Ben Dronkers wasn’t the first person to travel to places around the globe collecting cannabis seeds with the hopes of cultivating them into gorgeous buds. But he was one of the first to bring them back to Netherlands , help change laws, and grow a business that possibly even he never imagined would be so popular. Today, Ben and his family run Sensi Seeds, a seed bank that helps bring some of the highest-quality seeds to growers all over the world. Collecting seeds from Central and South East Asia was one of Ben’s passions that began in the 70s. In 1991 Ben took over a company called the Seed Bank and after a name change, Sensi Seeds as we know it today came into being. That passion is still alive today and anyone that’s had the pleasure to grow Sensi Seeds can see that dedication first hand. Today, Sensi Seeds is still run by Ben with the help of his children, allowing the next generation to spread the truth about cannabis just as their father did. Two of Sensi’s most popular strains - Shiva Shanti and Shiva Shanti II - were named after Ben’s twin daughters. But the company’s Super Skunk, Big Bud, and Fruity Juice are other well-known strains cultivated by the company. Perhaps their most famous strain though is Jack Herer, and you can get those seeds, and many more, right here from 420-Seeds.