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Green House Seeds

Cup Winner

Green House Seed Company

Best Selling Strains:

Greenhouse Seeds has been in business since 1985, selling quality strains high in both THC and CBD. All of their seeds are feminized, meaning that every single plant has the potential to produce glorious buds ready for smoking. In addition to their great seeds, Greenhouse Seeds also produces apparel for both men and women that want to show off their passion for bud.

The company’s strains of White Widow, Arjan’s Ultra Haze 2, and White Rhino are just a few that have won the High Times Cannabis Cup. While their strains The Church, Super Lemon Haze, and Hawaiian Snow have been recipients of the ICMAG Breeders Cup. In total their awards total 40 High Times Cannabis Cup awards, 17 Highlife Cups, and many other private awards in different countries around the world.

The company is currently owned by the same man that founded the company over 30 years ago, Arjan. Known as the King of Cannabis, he rightfully earned this nickname after collecting different landraces from around the globe - and he’s still looking! Arjan makes sure that even today, the strains produced by his company have both medicinal and recreational properties, in addition to gorgeous terpenes that bring out the very best aromas and flavors. Today Greenhouse Seeds offers over 20 top-notch strains that are some of the very best in the world. Thanks to the passion of Arjan and everyone that works for the company, they’re breeding new strains all the time. Looking at the broad history of the company, along with the many customer testimonials, it’s clear to see that when you buy Greenhouse Seeds, you’re buying from the very best!

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