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Nirvana Seeds, have been leaders in the cannabis seed industry since they were first set up way back in 1995. With decades of breeding experience under their belt they consistently produce top-quality cannabis seeds known for their genetic diversity and stability. Buy Nirvana Seeds at 420 Seed Bank for unique varieties, free seeds, and secure worldwide shipping.

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  1. Supreme CBD Kush by Nirvana Seeds
    Supreme CBD Kush Feminized - Nirvana Seeds By Nirvana
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    • THC: Less than 10%
    • Yield: 500-600gr/m²
    • Flowering Time: 12-14 Weeks
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Who Are Nirvana Seeds?

Before establishing Nirvana, Mao the founder set off on a global quest to find the rarest and finest marijuana strains. He amassed what was, at the time, the largest collection of genetics, which he meticulously cross-bred, back-bred, and then stabilized. The result was a wide variety of unique and potent strains that quickly gained worldwide recognition.

Nirvana Seed Bank's dedication to providing top-quality, genetically diverse seeds is unwavering. By choosing Nirvana Seeds from 420 Seeds, you're accessing a legacy of pioneering breeding work and top-tier cannabis genetics.

Nirvana Seeds is a distinguished cannabis seed bank founded in 1995 by the legendary breeder known as "Mao". Starting his breeding career with Amsterdam's renowned Positronics grow shop, Mao has dedicated over 30 years of his life to finding and breeding the best cannabis genetics from around the world.

Today, Nirvana is renowned for its premium cannabis seeds and innovative hemp solutions. The company has grown into a creative business, constantly improving and expanding its offerings. With an online shop dedicated to high-grade cannabis seeds and nutrients, Nirvana is run by a passionate team focused on delivering outstanding customer service. This commitment to quality and satisfaction positions Nirvana Seeds as a top pick for enthusiasts and growers, building a loyal customer base that keeps coming back.

Cup-winning Nirvana strains?


Ice, also sometimes referred to as Indica Crystal Extreme, is one the early Indica bangers, taking out top honors at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998 and also 1st Prize for 'Best Smelling Strain' at the Copa de Asturias.

A real standout, especially if you're into making extracts. It's covered in a super thick layer of sparkly resin that looks amazing and makes it a huge yielder for concentrate makers. But that's not all – Ice also brings a powerful punch, enough to keep you glued to your couch, and it has this unique, cool menthol and pine-sol scent that is pretty rare in the modern weed scene.

Whether you're setting up indoors, outdoors, sticking to soil, or trying out hydroponics, Ice is happy. And if you're looking into getting a lot out of a small space, doing a Sea of Green (SOG) setup with Ice could be your golden ticket, thanks to the fast-flowering time and huge yield potential.

Master Kush

Master Kush, one of the greatest Kush strains ever to hit the public, won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1992 and again in 1993 - one of the very few strains to ever take out top spot twice. Its origins are a bit of a mystery, but it's believed to be a blend between Hindu Kush and Skunk #1.

This variety is both compact and high yielding, an ideal choice for growers limited by space. It emits a calming pine aroma that elevates the sensory experience. Master Kush's effects are harmoniously balanced, initiating with an uplifting euphoria that gently shifts to a soothing body relaxation. This makes it highly favored among both recreational and medicinal users for its well-rounded effects.


Chrystal, the F1 hybrid that clinched the Dutch Highlife Bio Cup in 2002, takes the best parts of its two famous parents and then some: White Widow and Northern Lights. Northern Lights' prowess in indoor cultivation and its remarkable bud-to-leaf ratio, coupled with the ridiculous resin production of White Widow. It is also way easier to trim up than most options, perfect for big producers.

Its distinct aroma of pine and kerosene sets it apart, making it an unforgettable smoke. The strain delivers potent, immediate cerebral effects, positioning Chrystal in a league of its own. It is exceptionally user-friendly, producing huge yields of top-quality, gorgeous to the eye buds.

Are Nirvana Seeds good?

Yes, Nirvana Seed Bank has, for the last 3 or so decades, offered growers a "masterclass" in genetics and has become known for top-of-the-line strains that have been created using the most advanced breeding techniques available.

The extensive selection of award-winning varieties has earned Nirvana a reputation as one of the best seed banks in the world. A big part of that is thanks to its founder's passion for seeking out and breeding exotic cannabis strains from around the globe.

Buy Nirvana Seeds From 420 Seed Bank

When you choose to buy Nirvana Seeds from 420 Seed Bank, you're doing yourself a real favor. We offer certain Nirvana strains you can't find anywhere else, even through the official Nirvana webpage.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cannabis seeds, which is why we work closely with top seed banks like Nirvana. You also get the chance at bagging a few free seeds with every single order, and heavy discounts on bulk orders. Plus, with our discreet and secure worldwide shipping, you can rest assured that your order will arrive safely and fast.