Expert Seeds

Expert Seeds

Every cannabis grower and consumer wants the reassurance that their seeds come from people who know their stuff and that’s why so many people turn to Expert Seeds. Expert Seeds is the culmination of many different breeders spread throughout Europe. While these breeders have worked together for a long time, it was just a few years ago that they opened the doors of their own seed bank to start bringing their knowledge and great strains, to people all over the world.

So how do they breed those incredible seeds? They start by using award winning genetics and then improve on them by crossing them with Expert’s own genetics. While doing so they place a focus on THC and CBD levels, raising the medicinal value, visual appearance, taste, aroma, and potency. That’s right, the Experts place a focus on the overall plant, making sure they will be perfect from tip to root.

While Expert Seeds have also branched out to include many different types of strains including indica, sativa, and auto-flowering varieties, there are a few that have come out as some of Expert’s most popular. Gorilla Glue #4 provides a euphoric high for those that like a good sativa, while those searching for their next couch lock will find it with Expert’s indica options that include Northern Lights or Afghan Skunk.

The breeders at Expert Seeds aren’t the only ones who consider themselves experts - those who have grown their seeds know they are too. So give them a try and see for yourself!


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