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The story of Female Seeds is one that shows how a passion can turn into a business.

Ferry, the founder of Female Seeds, was an avid grower that wanted to know more about the marijuana plant and how it worked. Searching for answers he visited Positronics, the first grow shop in the world, located in Amsterdam. By mid-1980 and the early 90s, he was breeding seeds and creating clones for the grow shop. His first masterpiece was Skunk, but he would quickly go on to help create world-renowned strains. Over the years, Ferry helped many breeders bring their strains to notoriety. One famous example is Nirvana Seed’s Aurora Indica.

In 2003 though, Ferry decided that he wanted to open up his own shop, to release his creations into the world. It was under the name of Female Seeds that Ferry’s legendary Ice strain was created, the very first strain introduced under the new name. Since then C’99, Grapefruit, and so many incredible strains have been developed under Ferry’s capable hands.

It’s truly incredible what Ferry has done with this passion. What’s even more impressive is that he’s done it without any marketing of any kind. Ferry understands that with genetics as outstanding as his, word of mouth is really all you need.

Today, Female Seeds continues to create some of the best feminized seeds on the market. All while keeping a focus on being socially and environmentally responsible. Female Seeds contributes to the Aquinta project in Portugal. Ferry has also developed a fishponics system that grows healthy plants while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


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