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OO Seeds is a relatively new seed bank that for now, is so dedicated to the quality feminized seeds they produce that they don’t even sell directly to customers. They spend their time producing seeds, testing them for quality, and then shipping them out to other seed banks for sale. And all the while, they are not only creating strains of their own, but also putting a unique spin on old classics.

When working with old school strains like Northern Lights, the focus for OO Seeds is to inject them with rich, deep flavors. They also do this with strains such as Hashchis Berry and Bubblegum. But they create their own strains that have their own distinct characteristics. Chocolate Cream, California Kush, and Sweet Critical are all strains that carry the name of the company. But it may just be their newest strain, Chocolate Skunk CBD that is most intriguing, particularly those looking for medicinal plants. This strain, is high in CBD but with a well-balanced THC content, providing the relief people are looking for while also bringing something new and exciting to the medicinal catalogue.

Without being able to buy from OO Seeds directly, customers have to rely on other reputable seed banks that sell their strains. At 420-Seeds we are one such seed bank, so check out our full selection of OO Seeds today!


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