Autofem Collection #2 by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds

Breeder: OO seeds
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OO Seeds Autofem Collection #2
Price: US$26.04
Flowering Time:12-14 Weeks
Breeder:OO seeds

Strain Traits


2 x Auto Northern Lights Big and productive Indica autoflowering strain. Big buds coated of resin. Easy and quick to grow, can be collected 75 days after germination. Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Sweet and spicy aroma. Physical and mental intense effects, with long lasting high. 2 x Auto Afghan Mass Autoflowering strain. A combination of the flavor, the resinous buds and the potent narcotic effects of Afghan genetics, with the extraordinary qualities of Critical Mass Automatik. Powerful, aromatic and productive. High CBD levels. 2 x Auto Sweet Soma Indica autoflowering strain high performance and compact phenotype. Develops huge, sweet buds. Tough and easy to grow. Delicious tropical fruit flavor, pleasing effect to physical level.
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