Seedstockers are the sister company of renowned breeders Dutch Passion. And this young seedbank uses all of Dutch Passion’s 30 years’ experience to create something special.

Based in Barcelona, they utilize an accomplished network of expert breeders to curate a line of strains that has something for everyone. Seedstockers work mainly with breeders from Spain and Holland (mixing in a little expertise from further afield) to provide an acclaimed range of feminized and autoflowering strains. Strains like their huge-yielding, high-THC Big Bud Auto incorporate supreme Afghani genetics to offer something so potent it will have even the biggest smokers salivating. Elsewhere, their ever-popular BCN Critical XXL Auto offers more THC for your buck than perhaps any other strain around. And if you fancy something a bit special, we recommend their Gelato 41 — one of the prettiest plants you’ll see. (Like the others, it also packs a punch.)

When Dutch Passion wanted to scale-up their operation and make cannabis growing more accessible, Seedstockers was the natural end product. These guys were born to offer a diverse selection of strains at unbelievable prices. Whether you’re an experienced grower in search of astronomical THC levels or a newbie dipping your toe in the water, Seedstockers have something for you.


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