Santa Marta Haze by Seedstockers

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With a 15 week bloom time, Santa Marta Haze is the best genuine Haze variety that Seedstockers has found so far. The genetics are a cross between Amnesia Haze x Santa Marta (Colombian jungle Haze).
Price: US$22.23
THC Content:19%-22%
Flowering Time:Over 14 Weeks
Plant Height:Tall: 180cm-220cm
Genetics:Amnesia Haze X Columbian Jungle Haze – Sativa Dominant

Strain Traits


Santa Marta Haze is a THC rich Haze with good yields, and a very powerful high unlike any other Haze tested by Seedstockers . Santa Marta Haze is a true sativa, she grows tall and stretches with thin leaves on the fingers and resin frosted buds. Plants reach a large size with huge harvests, however growers should note that this variety really requires 15 weeks (or more) to bloom fully. Outdoors, she only suits climates with long tropical summers and can reach 3-4 metres tall. The buds from Santa Marta Haze are incredibly strong, with a soaring psychedelic high that lasts for hours. She is an easy variety to grow indoors or outdoors and rewards the grower with one of the most potent harvests possible.
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