Bighead Seeds

Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds may have only been peddling their seeds since 2013, but they have been deeply immersed in the world of cannabis long before that time. For the past 20 years Mr. Big Head has been travelling the globe searching for the very best cannabis genetics and holding on to them in order to provide consumers with high quality strains that pack a punch.

In 2002 Mr. Big Head joined forces with a Dutchman to focus on skunk genetics, which as any skunk-seeker knows, is one of the best kinds of weed that can be consumed. But skunk as it refers to the strain is not what Mr. Big Head is most known for. It’s the creation of the Trippy Gorilla strain that has really put Big Head Seeds on the map. This strain is similar to Lemon Haze in the way that it will make users happy and provide that ‘trippy’ experience and comes with a refreshingly crisp citrus and menthol taste and aroma all combined.

Of course, Big Head Seeds is so much more than just the company behind Trippy Gorilla. To see all that this seed bank has to offer in regular, feminized, and auto strains, check out our full selection today.


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