Trippy Gorilla Feminized by Big Head Seeds

Breeder: Bighead Seeds
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Easy to grow and incredibly strong with huge resinous buds.
Price: US$49.53
THC Content:Over 22%
Flowering Time:10-12 Weeks
Yield:Over 600gr/m²
Characteristic:Uplifting, Energising, Creative, Strong
Breeder:Bighead Seeds
Genetics:Gorilla Glue #4 x Bighead #1 Indica/Sativa

Strain Traits


BigHead’s Trippy Gorilla is one of our strongest strains. Did we say this is STRONG?! Combining a multiple award winning Gorilla Glue #4 clone with BigHead #1 is without doubt one of the best results we have ever had. Feed this lady well and you will be rewarded with a jackpot of scissor-jamming, resin laden, dense buds. Her Sativa dominant effects are swift, uplifting and energizing. Relaxing, euphoric waves through the body can, if desired, be taken further until you stick firmly to the couch with a huge grin fixed upon your face. Pine and citrus mix for a pleasant taste and aroma. Trippy Gorilla from BigHead. You have been warned…
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