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The Ministry of Cannabis had one mission when the company was formed in 2007 - to make the world a greener place with the help of their breeders and their customers. And they do it in the most unique way. With fifteen years of experience behind them, the breeders at the Ministry strive to keep classic strains like White Widow and Northern Lights alive. All while creating their own fantastic strains such as Zensation and Carnival. Whether you’re looking for indicas, sativas, or hybrids, the Ministry has something for everybody.

They make growing super easy too. In 2008 they focused on solely selling feminized seeds so that growers could be sure that every single seed grew into a beautiful plant full of gorgeous buds. And the very next year, they decided to make it even easier on their growers, also offering auto-flowering strains that could be ready for harvest in as little as ten weeks.

The Ministry is passionate about cannabis and about keeping classic strains alive. But they’re also passionate about helping their growers be as successful as possible, not just through the genetics they offer but also in the quality of their seeds. Ministry seeds are produced and tested in three different countries to ensure growers get the highest quality seeds that will produce beautiful results.


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