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When you choose to buy seeds from a seed bank that’s associated and owned by one of the oldest and most reputable seed banks - Sensi Seeds - you know you’re going to get something phenomenal. And just like Sensi, there’s no limit as to what you’ll find at White Label. Auto-flowering, feminized seeds, and regular seeds are all here no matter what type of weed you’re looking for.

While there are many different strains White Label has to offer, some of the best strains that borrow genetics from the Sensi Seeds banks are Afghan Kush, Double Gum, Purple Haze, and White Rino to name just a few.

If you want to buy and use seeds safe in the knowledge that they come from one of the most famous seed banks around today, then check out our full selection of White Label seeds. No matter what you choose you’ll know you’re getting some of the very best.


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