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Vision Seeds

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When Vision Seeds first started in the seed game, they mainly sold the genetics of other breeders. But then in 1999, Herbal Harald joined the team and changed everything. Under his expert guidance, the team studied genetics, keeping the best and discarding those that won’t bring about the most perfect seeds.

Vision Seeds strives to bring the best quality seeds to both professional and recreational growers alike. Instead of placing their focus on just one desirable trait as some breeders do, Vision Seeds looks for the very best overall seed including yield, taste, smell, effect, looks, disease resistance and overall ease of grow.

Today Vision Seeds has over a dozen quality seeds in their seed bank. Some of their most popular include Northern Lights for those that want to relax into couch lock, Silver Haze for those that want to take on a serious case of giggles and Cheese for those looking for a signature stink.

When you want the best overall seeds, look no further than Vision Seeds. Backed by years of knowledge and experience, and with so many epic seeds that they’ve put their own spin on, these are truly some of the best seeds in the biz.


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