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Dutch Passion- 30% OFF SALE

Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Queen Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds

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Founded in the Netherlands, Royal Queen Seeds is one of the fastest-growing cannabis breeders in Europe. And as cannabis laws around the world finally start to change, they are passionate about bringing their outstanding seeds to smokers and growers all over the globe. Royal Queen Seeds uses a unique line of pure genetics. Each seed they breed has over 20 years of experience behind it. After being hand-picked, each of their organic seeds is put through rigorous testing to ensure that the genetics are pure, giving each and every one the best chance at germination. Critical is their most popular strain, and it’s one that will settle anyone in for a nice relaxing stone. But those looking for something different should check out Amnesia Haze, which will be more uplifting. Or Northern Lights, which will provide even more couchlock than Critical and will help settle you down for a good night of sleep. There’s a strain for everything and these are just a few of the fantastic seeds bred by Royal Queen Seeds. If you’re looking for seeds that have been bred with the utmost care and will put you on the path to success, you’ve got to try out Royal Queen Seeds. They are passionate about bringing the best seeds, and the best cannabis to growers and you can find many of them right here at 420-Seeds.

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