Critical Mass Collective

Critical Mass Collective

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What do you get when you combine one of the most renowned strains in the world with a network of experts that have a combined 100 years of breeding experience between them? You get the Critical Mass Collective, a company that is known for bringing some of the highest-quality strains to connoisseurs around the world.

It began with Critical Mass, a strain named and known for the enormous yields it brings. In 2002, an independent breeder from Arizona played around with Mass’ genetics to create his very own Mass, Monster Mass. After meeting and talking to other enthusiasts online, he began sharing the genetics for Monster Mass and the Collective was born. Today, genetics from all over the world are shared with the Critical Mass Collective, but due to rigorous testing and extremely high standards, only the very best of the bunch make it.

The strains produced by the Critical Mass Collective undergo vigorous testing before being designated a Critical Lee acclaimed strain, one of the highest honours any Mass strain could achieve. Each seed must be organic and grown under the best conditions, before it can reach the high scores required. Only then will the very finest of these seeds be hand-selected to ensure optimum quality and sent to other Mass enthusiasts around the world.

There are few strains out there that have achieved the recognition that Critical Mass has, making it one of the most sought-after strains for growers and breeders alike. It makes sense then, that Critical Mass Collective was not only formed by those same admirers of the strain, but that they produce some of the best Mass genetics to be found throughout the globe.


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