Alien Masster Kush Feminized by Critical Mass Collective

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Alien Masster Kush was developed by crossing the popular Monster Mass with Alien Technology and the classic Master Kush.
Price: US$29.21
THC Content:Over 22%
Flowering Time:8-10 Weeks
Yield:Over 600gr/m²
Plant Height:Medium: 100cm-180cm
Genetics:Monster Mass x Alien Technology x Master Kush

Strain Traits


The smell of this strain is often Described as "odd", the profile of this Alien leaning Monster is a complex nose of chemical cleaner, classic Kush, body-odor and sour berries which change and intensify throughout her life. The Skunk funk from the Alien Tech is always apparant along with the Kushy overtones but some of the more resin packed phenos develop a beautifully weird, cedar/jam, correction fluid taste. Chemy but sweet and moreish. The high THC levels mean she hits hard but effects are not overwhelming. Medical patients have praised this strain for the reassuring and calming physical effects without any paranoia or nausea. Also very giggly..all round great mood enhancement.
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