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Dr. Underground is a seed bank based out of Spain that has been specializing in bringing cannabis consumers and growers the best in feminized seeds since 2009. This seed bank uses the utmost care in cultivating their seeds, using an STS method in a hyrdoponic setup to ensure that 99.9 percent of their seeds germinate. Dr. Underground also tests every single seed selected to ensure that those who buy them are getting one of the highest-quality products possible.

Some of Dr. Underground’s best-selling seeds are PainKiller, which does exactly what the name says it will; King Kong, a strong yet fruity strain; and Crystal M.E.T.H., which will provide for a full psychedelic experience that some may be looking for. Of course, with all of these being fem seeds, they’ll also come with the added bonus of not accidentally destroying crops the way some males will and give gorgeous, luscious buds.

Dr. Underground isn’t just selective about what seeds make it to market. He’s also very particularl about what seed banks he allows to sell his seeds. We here at 420-Seeds are one of those lucky seed banks that get to pass them on to our lucky customers, so check out our full selection today!


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