Auto Melon Gum by Dr. Underground Seeds

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From Dr underground's great success Melon Gum they now present the automatic version attending the demands of the general public.
Price: US$19.05
THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
BreederDr Underground
GeneticsUnknown x Unknown Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa

Strain Traits


This lady, which retains the features of the standard version, will be ready between 60-70 days from germination. You'll love the variable odour between melon, strawberries and skunk, especially her great resin production. The effect is powerful enough to be a simple automatic reaching serious knock out experienced growers, if you have ever tasted Melon Gum in normal version, the effect of the auto version that will be more familiar. The size and final production as in all autoflowering plants, will seriously linked to your growing system, you can get small and stealth plants as you can get big monsters. In hydroponic or aeroponic systems the results are from another galaxy, earning plants may need up to bending branches touching the roof of the enclosure. The Auto Melon Gum is a plant that will give you as you give them. If you want big plants, used containers or grown in hydro or aeroponic, if you want to spend more unnoticed plants, use smaller pots or few watts. In any event, not be disappointed, aroma, and taste will power to repeat again.
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