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Barneys Farm

Cup Winner

Barneys Farm
Barneys Farm

Best Selling Strains:

Barney’s Farms is one of the most reputable breeders in the marketplace. No matter where you travel around the globe, you will find connoisseurs and growers alike that are fiercely loyal to this breeder that aims to provide them at the best possible price.

Barney’s Farms create truly unique strains by crossing landrace genetics with indicas and sativas. This produces powerful knockout strains that have helped the company win many Cannabis Cups including awards for Best Sativa, Best Indica, and Best Strain Overall. Just a couple of the strains that have brought home the trophy for Barney’s Farms are Cookies Kush and Utopia Haze.

It all started when a man named Derry was in the Himalayas with other growers, crossing different plants with each other to create different strains. Taking the knowledge he gained here, Derry then traveled all over Asia going to places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, and China. All in an effort to collect as many of the best strains he could find. In 1992, and with a good selection of seeds, Derry returned to Amsterdam with the intent to produce and breed different strains for commercial use. Barney’s Farms was born and these strains are now available to anyone that wants them.

Since that time, Barney’s Farms continues with their innovative breeds of feminized seeds that make growers giggle with glee. While this company may be more than 30 years old, they’re always bringing new strains that wow to the market.

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