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420 Seed Bank, your number #1 destination for Barney's Farm Seeds, a globally acclaimed breeder with an unrivalled reputation. Having won 11 Cannabis Cups and countless awards Barneys Farm started business in 1986 and now own four Amsterdam coffee shops and have a range of over 100 award winning strains. Barney's Farm is the choice of connoisseurs and growers worldwide. Here, we're proud to offer their legendary genetics at the best prices, ensuring quality and satisfaction for every grower.

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Who are Barneys Farm Seeds?

Barneys Farm Seeds is a legendary name in the world of cannabis. Established way back in the 1980s the company's origins trace back to the Himalayan foothills, where founder Derry began his journey of collecting and preserving pure cannabis strains, known as landraces. With a deep passion for cannabis, Derry traveled across Asia to countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal, gathering unique genetics. After amassing a collection, he returned to Amsterdam, where he focused on breeding, stabilizing, and enhancing these strains for indoor cultivation. Since then Barney’s have come a long way, growing from a small one man breeder, to an household name with coffee shops in Amsterdam and an international online presence.

Barney’s Farm one of Amsterdam’s original coffee shops

Barney's Farm began its journey when two individuals, who were not native Dutch speakers, identified a gap in Amsterdam's culinary scene for warm, fulfilling meals amidst a sea of simple sandwiches and average coffee accompanied by a less-than-warm service approach.

In 1986, founding partners Paul Gould and Nicky Matthews saw an opportunity for growth in the coffeeshop sector and took over their first café in Amsterdam's vibrant center. They quickly earned a reputation for their extensive menu, particularly their breakfast offerings, which remain a cornerstone of Barney’s Coffeeshop experience.

The transition of ownership to Derry Brett in 1992 marked a pivotal moment for Barney's, setting the stage for the unique blend of exceptional food and top-quality cannabis strains that define Barney’s today.

Today, the Barney’s Amsterdam experience can be savored across four locations: the original Coffeeshop, The Farm, Barney’s Uptown, and Barney’s Lounge, each offering a taste of Barney's hallmark hospitality and quality.

Barney’s Farm Cup Winning Strains

  • Malana Bomb Auto – High Times Cannabis Cup 1st
  • Critical Kush – High Times Cannabis Cup 1st
  • Sweet Tooth – Best Overall Strain, 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Top Dawg – Best Indica, 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Amnesia Lemon – Best Sativa, 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • G13 Haze – Best Overall Strain, 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Utopia Haze – Best Sativa, 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Acapulco Gold – Best Sativa, 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Tangerine Dream - Best Overall Strain, 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Liberty Haze - Best Overall Strain, 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Cookies Kush - Best Overall Strain, 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup.

What are Barney’s best strains?

Laughing Buddha Cannabis Seeds

Laughing Buddha is a 80% sativa dominant cross between a Thai Sativa and a Jamaican Hybrid. The strain produces large, dense, and heavy buds after a flowering period of 10-12 weeks. Its fragrance is intensely sweet, reminiscent of exotic fruits, with an energetic and uplifting Sativa high.

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds

Pineapple Chunk is an 80% indica dominant cross of Cheese and Skunk #1 and Barneys own Sweet Pineapple. Known for its massive yields and resistance to mold and disease, Pineapple Chunk is a cash croppers dream. With scents of earthy Cheese and Skunk with the sweet, aromas of Pineapple. Offering a decent THC level, Pineapple Chunk delivers a powerful couch-lock high.

Cookies Kush Cannabis Seeds

Cookies Kush is a 70% indica dominant cross of a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype and OG Kush. This strain quickly captured the hearts of the cannabis community, thanks to its incredible mint chocolate flavor and the distinctive aroma of Girl Scout Cookies. Cookies Kush is notably forgiving and easy to cultivate, even under challenging conditions, promising substantial yields within 8 weeks of indoor flowering. It's an excellent choice for growers looking for a strain that combines ease of growth with complex flavors and potent effects.

Are Barney’s seeds good?

Barney's Seeds is has been a market leader in the cannabis industry since the late 80’s and has proven through its coffee shops and its genetics that they aim to provide quality. They are well known for developing 'new and exciting' cannabis strains, that has lead to global demand for their seeds. Over the years, Barney's has won countless awards including Cannabis Cups and Sativa Cups for strains such as G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream, and Critical Kush, among others. With a history stretching back nearly three decades, Barney's Fam have consistently captivated growers and consumers alike, continuously introducing new strains to satisfy an expanding audience.

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Choosing 420 Seed Bank as your source for Barney's Seeds guarantees you access to an exceptional range of award-winning, genetically unique strains. Our commitment to quality ensures that each seed meets high standards, providing growers with the confidence of cultivating premium cannabis.