CBD Lemon Potion Auto by Barney's farm

Breeder: Barneys Farm
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Barneys Farm and CBD Crew breeders got together to create a champion autoflowering CBD enriched strain, LEMON POTION AUTO™, which is both therapeutic and sensationally tasty.
Price: US$56.52
THC Content:18%-20%
Flowering Time:6-8 Weeks
Plant Height:Short: 60cm-100cm
Breeder:Barneys Farm
Genetics:BF Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD enriched x Auto - 60% Indica 40% Sativa

Strain Traits


The collaboration produced CBD/THC ratios at 2:1; with Cannabidiol content (CBD) up to 15% and a delicious autoflowering CBD enriched strain, combining a Barneys Farm Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD enriched x Auto. CBD LEMON POTION AUTO™ is a generous bushy plant that grows to just under 1 meter tall. Resin dripping buds cluster tightly together on all branches with an intense spicy lemon fragrances ooze from the plant.
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