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Arjan, Franco and Simon are the masterminds behind the Strain Hunters and to them, it’s far more than just a name. It’s what they do. For over 34 years, this team has been hunting for landrace strains in the regions of Africa, Asia, and South America. And anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of holding, growing, or smoking a landrace strain, knows just what a special thing that is.

Landrace strains are strain specific to one region and they are highly sought-after. These strains adapt to the environment from which they’re from and are typically 100% indica or 100% sativas. The team at Strain Hunters work hard to not only find them, but bring them to consumers while changing the minds and attitudes towards cannabis around the world.

The Strain Hunters are very busy searching for those perfect landraces and creating documentaries to show the world the many benefits marijuana has to offer. Because of this, they do not sell their envied landrace seeds themselves, but rather rely on quality and reputable seed banks to do it for them. At 420-Seeds, we are one of the lucky seed banks to carry these gorgeous and somewhat rare seeds so order yours today!


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