White Lemon Feminized by Strain Hunters Seeds

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The White Lemon is a very balanced cross, expressing the best qualities of both parents.
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THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicCreeper, Long Lasting, Stoned Body
BreederStrain Hunters
GeneticsEl Niño x Super Lemon Haze (Feminised) 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Strain Traits


The El Niño lineage is very clear in the leaf shape and the size and density of the buds. The White Lemon grows medium-short internodes, but keeps growing quite a bit after switching to 12/12 for flowering. The branches grow very strong and can support large colas. The buds are long, dense, with large calyx and long hairs. Already after 4-5 weeks of flowering the smell gets citrus-like, and skunky. It is not as hazy as the Super Lemon Haze, but it is extremely lemony. The effect onset is a bit of a creeper, taking time to peak and then staying up there for a long while. It is a complex, well balanced high and stoned feeling. Its medicinal use has not been fully evaluated yet.Height: medium plant (average internodal distance 8-10 cm).Flowering Indoor:8-9 weeks flowering time. Yield up to 0.9 gram (dry and manicured) per watt per m2 (with 1000W HPS).Flowering Outdoor:9 weeks flowering time. Very large plants can harvest over 1Kg of dried, manicured buds.Taste (burned): lemony, very skunk, slightly hazy.Scent (unburned): nutty, spicy, citrus-like, with hints of wood and cedar.What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: The dried buds are long, thick and compact, with medium-large calyx, very thock and long hairs, and covered in thick resin. The crumbled bud is sticky, green towards light brown and gray.Effects: Speed of high onset: creeper.Duration of high: long lasting.Quality/type of high: very high at first, it evolves into a stoned body feeling. Complex, strong.
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