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Black Skull Seeds

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Blackskull Seeds is a breeder that develops some of the world’s finest strains. These seeds are potent, pure, and popular for a reason. The two masterminds behind Blackskull Seeds have been perfecting the craft of breeding fabulous strains since high school.

It was when the two co-owners of Blackskull Seeds were just teenagers in the UK that they started growing their first marijuana plants. These were just for personal use but, as their passion grew, so did suspicion under UK’s strict marijuana laws. Moving to Spain in the early 2000s, the creators of Blackskull Seeds were able to officially open their doors and make their legendary strains available to everyone. When they did so, they went under the name of Blackskull Seeds as an homage to their roots. The name refers to a dirty skull-shaped bong the two co-owners frequently used in their youth.

Today, Blackskull Seeds may produce even more popular strains than they ever have, but the same attention and care is still given to each and every one. Their world-renowned strains such as Jack Herer, Afgahni, and Super Bud are all known for having super fast flowering times. They also breed feminized seeds, making it easier for consumers tp reap even more glorious buds.

Those behind the work of Blackskull Seeds know what’s important to those that use their product. Not only do they ensure that each strain comes from the very best genetics, they also keep the costs down for their customers. Relying mainly on word of mouth and peer reviews, Blackskull Seeds doesn’t attend trade shows or openly advertise in order to keep their costs at around 3.50 pounds per seed. That’s a small price to pay when you’re raising some of the best genetics on the market today.


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