Skull Ryder by Black Skull Seeds

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At the beginning of the great Autoflowering adventure Black Skull tried some Lowryder seeds and were very impressed by their potential but wanted to try and improve the yields and potency. They went through a process of selecting the best performing plants and crossing them with some of the fastest finishing plants from there own genetic collection.
Price: US$18.42
THC Content:Less than 10%
Flowering Time:6-8 Weeks
Plant Height:Dwarf: 30cm-60cm
Breeder:Black Skull Seeds
Genetics:Lowryder X Bubblebud

Strain Traits


SkullRyder is Black Skull Seeds fastest and shortest autoflowering strain so it is perfect for stealth growers or those with space and time restrictions. The first pre-flowers will appear between 15 and 18 days and then this squat little plant will turn on the turbo-chargers and accelerate upwards and outwards. She will normally reach around 30cm in height but can occasionally stretch to 40 or 50cm if she has a very large pot and a lot of light. Most examples will produce 1 main cola with minimal side branching which means you can pack lots of SkullRyder plants into a small space. With very little effort or attention this strain will easily yield 30 grams per plant but with the right setup this can be doubled.SkullRyder is very indica dominant so although she is not the strongest strain in our collection she packs a surprisingly powerful punch. The flavour is fruity and earthy and the smoke very smooth if attention is paid to the curing process. Skullryder is a great all around strain which is perfect for beginners or those who don’t have a great deal of space or time.
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