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Founded in 2010, Fast Buds began its journey in California, aspiring to revolutionize the cannabis industry with its pioneering approach to breeding. By focusing on developing fast-growing, auto-flowering strains, they have carved a niche for themselves globally. Now headquartered in Spain, Fast Buds has expanded its vision, offering growers around the world access to high yielding, potent autoflower genetics. Their dedication to quality is clear based on the shear number of awards they lay claim to. From Cannabis Cups to Best Seed Bank awards, Fast Buds have won over 20 different accolades internationally making them a solid choice for anyone wanting to grow autoflowering genetics.

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Who Are 420 Fast Buds?

When Fast Buds first opened its doors in 2010, they were an American breeder based in California that wanted to bring fast auto-flowering varieties of the best strains of marijuana to consumers. After perfecting a few strains, they expanded into Europe and are now based in Spain. This move not only gave them a bigger presence in the marijuana industry, it’s also allowed them to extend their reach further across the globe.

But Fast Buds places their focus on more than just providing consumes with fast-growing plants. They also focus on providing seeds that will bring heavy yields to anyone that grows them and that each and every bud will bring one powerhouse of a smoke. This is also evidenced in their variety of Gorilla Glue Auto, one of the first strains to be developed by Fast Buds. It has THC levels of 24! Green Crack, Mexican Airlines, and West Coast OG are just a few of the other varieties Fast Buds has spent so much time perfecting.

FastBuds may be a relatively new player to the seed game, but they’ve proven themselves to be one of the best in a very short amount of time. Now, they continue to expand to bring their dynamite strains to people all over the world.

Award Winning Fast Buds Strains

Fast Buds stands out as one of the global leaders in the cannabis industry, thanks to their dedication at crafting exceptional autoflowering genetics. Their commitment has been recognized with over 20 cups and awards since 2016 including….

  • 1st Place at the Autoflower Cup in Oregon, USA, 2019 for Blackberry Auto
  • Awards at Copa Secreta (2015, Chile) and Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas (2016, 2017, 2018, Chile)
  • Best Seedbank at India/Sativa Trade 2022
  • Best Autoflower at Cosecha Cup 2022
  • Best Sativa Strain at Autoflowering World Cup 2022 for Gorilla Punch Auto
  • Best Autoflowering Seed Bank at Growdiaries Poty Cup 2022
  • Fast Buds' reputation for award-winning strains ensures that when you grow their seeds, acquired from 420 Seeds, you're nurturing some of the most acclaimed genetics available on the market today.

Are Fast Buds Seeds Good?

Absolutely, Fast Buds seeds are renowned for their quality, reflecting their status as one of the leading autoflower breeders in the world. Their strains are a product of meticulous breeding practices, combining strong genetics with the easy growing nature of ruderalis strains and they have a catalogue of over 70 cannabis strains that just keeps growing (forgive the pun).

Fast Buds seeds stand out for their genetic diversity, offering something for every grower, whether you're looking for high THC, unique terpene profiles, or massive yields, they’ve got it.

How Long Do Fast Buds Strains Take To Grow?

All of Fast Buds strains are autoflowers and take between 8 to 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest depending on the variety you choose.

All of the 420 Fast Buds strains have been specifically designed for efficiency and speed, making them an ideal choice for growers looking for quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

What Are The Best Fast Buds Strains?

Banana Purple Punch Auto (most potent): A standout strain that delivers on both aesthetics and potency, Banana Purple Punch Auto boasts up to a staggering 30.4% THC content. Its intoxicatingly fruity aroma is matched by its quick turnaround, ready to harvest in just 56 days, yielding up to 450 - 550 gr/m2. This strain is a true Indica, offering a sedating effect ideal for evening use, ensuring a peaceful transition into sleep.

Six Shooter Auto (highest yielding): Towering at up to 140cm, Six Shooter Auto is a striking presence in any garden. This strain is celebrated for its simplicity in cultivation, appealing to growers of all skill levels. It produces a high that's both uplifting and muscle-relaxing, perfect for engaging in creative pursuits. The buds exude a rich woody and floral scent, adorned with a visually appealing, frosty layer of resin.

Blackberry Auto (our personal favourite): With its award-winning genetics, Blackberry Auto captures the essence of forest berries in each bud, presenting a delightful combination of berry and kush terpenes. It claimed the top spot at the first autoflower cup in the US, a testament to its quality and consumer appeal. This Indica-dominant strain promises a potent couch-lock experience, growing up to 110cm and showcasing beautiful purple hues throughout its compact structure.

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