Orange Sherbet by Fast Buds Seeds

Breeder: Fast Buds
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Orange Sherbet auto is a sativa dominant citrus terpy beast that hash makers and extractors will fall in love with.
Price: US$40.64
THC Content:Over 22%
Flowering Time:6-8 Weeks
Plant Height:Medium: 100cm-180cm
Genetics:Orange Sherbet Auto – Sativa Dominant

Strain Traits


A superb auto flowering hybrid that boasts an impressive 24% THC, to match her wonderful taste with potency. Well recommended for first time growers looking for a low maintenance, yet extremely productive cultivar that will flower from seed to harvest in 9-10 weeks. This strain can grow tall making her one of the larger autoflowering hybrids, meaning she is a wise choice for commercial growers in search of something extra special.
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