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G13 Labs

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G13 Labs
G13 Labs

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In the world of cannabis, the G13 strain is one shrouded in mystery and supposedly created by U.S. government agencies such as the CIA and the FBI. It should come as no surprise then, that the seed bank G13 Labs is also somewhat secretive, and only to be found deep underground.

The team that makes up this seed bank are known only as “The Agents”, and they started out underground during the 1980s as they studied and cultivated different cannabis strains. Today they have moved to Amsterdam in order to further their connections and develop even more of their powerful feminized and auto-flowering strains.

Some of their most popular are Auto Berry, Blue Venom, and OG 13. Their best seller however, is the famous Pineapple Express strain that has a incredibly high THC content. This strain, once very rare and hard to find, jut like G13 Labs itself, is now readily accessible to those who dare to give it a try.

Perhaps not surprisingly, with the company having such a love of staying underground, consumers cannot buy directly from G13 Labs but instead, they rely on distributors to sell their product for them. 420-Seeds is one of those distributors, so just pick your G13 Labs strains here and have us ship them right to your door.

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