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Cheese is one of the best-selling strains on the market and that is thanks to Big Buddha Seeds and the man behind it. Once he got his hands on a clone, he took it to heights that the original breeders likely never imagined possible. Big Buddha first came across the strain in 1989 and wanted a clone so badly that he begged the breeder for one for nearly 13 years. Finally, in 2004 he got it and the world has been grateful ever since. After working diligently with the clone and crossing it with an Afghani Indica, Big Buddha started becoming known as one of the biggest names in the industry to cannabis users all over the world, all because of the stinky cheese aroma.

Today his company has many phenomenal strains available that can be traced back to that original Cheese cutting. The strain won him a coveted High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2006, a time when the plant was still only available in clone form. But Big Buddha has since changed that too, through his extensive work in the Mediterranean region where he continues to develop more of his delectable strains. Seeds of this award winner are now freely available.

Many of the strains he’s developed are Cheese varieties but the company is also known for their powerful Buddha Haze, Buddha Kush, and Critical Mass strains. These strains aren’t just potent though; they’re also some of the easiest seeds one could ever grow. Placing a focus on seeds that are both feminized and autos, Big Buddha allows growers to get only the best plants that will produce glorious buds and do it quickly too. While the Cheese strain may have been what put Big Buddha on the map, this legendary breeder has since created several dynamic varieties that provide growers with some of the best plants that can be very easy to grow. And you can get yours right here at 420-Seeds!


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