Widow Bomb Regular by Bomb Seeds

Breeder: Bomb Seeds
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The best of the old comes together with the best of the new to produce Widow Bomb, which tastes, good, looks good, does you good and grows easily.
Price: US$32.50
THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicStrong, all round buzz
BreederBomb Seeds
GeneticsWhite Widow x Bomb #1 x White Widow

Strain Traits


Widow Bomb is what you get when you partner an old-school classic with a new-school classic, namely masses of THC, great taste and excellent genetics. Widow Bomb is short and compact, quick and easy to grow with very respectable yields.

Widow Bomb has 20% to 25% THC, which is considered a fair amount even by modern standards. It's certainly enough to blow away pain and set a positive charge under negative emotional states. At heart, however, Widow Bomb, is an Indica dominant, so your high will smoothly transition into a beautifully relaxing body stone.

The taste combines the sweetness and robustness of earth and wood with the refreshing pungency of skunk and the aroma is the perfect complement to it.

With today's tight growing spaces, we thinks that many people will be pleased to hear that Widow Bomb is a naturally compact strain. Even with plenty of space outdoors, it will typically finish no higher than about 1.4M and indoors it will often stay as short as 90 cm entirely of its own accord. If not, it responds happily to plant training. Indoors, Widow Bomb will flower in about 8 to 10 weeks and can yield up to 450g/m2 and outdoors it will be ready around late September or early October and produce about 550g per plant.

Genetically, Widow Bomb is a cross between White Widow and Bomb #1. It keeps the robustness of both its parents and you'll certainly see the covering of glorious white trichomes for which White Widow is famous, but Widow Bomb is much more compact and bushy than its famous parent, meaning it's less likely to be damaged by wind.

Use Widow Bomb in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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