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Mr Nice

Mr Nice
Mr Nice

Best Selling Strains:

For those that love old world genetics and appreciate it even more when new cutting edge genetics are put with them, there is Mr. Nice Seedbank. This collaboration between two very dedicated individuals has exploded and together, they have become known as some of the best breeders on the planet. Joining their knowledge and experience, they have now won countless Cannabis Cups for strains such as White Widow, White Rhino, and Northern Lights No. 5. It all began in the late 90s, when Shantibaba and Howard Marks, also known as Mr. Nice, met after Shantibaba had started the Greenhouse Seed Company. Joining forces the three got to work focusing on creating the best strains.

Using Neville’s and Shantibaba’s plants, they created Mr. Nice Seedbank with forty parent plants. They weren’t looking to fill the spotlight in the world of breeders. They simply wanted to pass on their genetics to growers around the world that were looking for the highest-quality strains. The company really began to blossom in 1999 when they moved to Switzerland due to a change in Dutch law. The three collaborators did not all go together. Neville stayed behind in order to refine breeding techniques, while Howard continued his advocacy for marijuana. One thing that has remained the same during all that time however, is the exceptional old-world genetics Mr. Nice Seedbank has always offered and the spins they continue to put on them today. Those looking for Afghan Haze, Black Widow, or Critical Mass seeds will find them at Mr. Nice. Those who want unexpected crosses can find them too, with strains such as Angel Heart, Early Haze, or Neville’s Haze Mango.

Whatever growers are looking for, old or new, one thing remains clear. Mr. Nice is one of the most passionate breeders in the business and that spirit comes through in their genetics.

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