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Homegrown fantaseeds

Cup Winner

Homegrown fantaseeds
Homegrown fantaseeds

Do you have a homegrown fantasy? Then you have to get your seeds from Homegrown Fantaseeds. This seed bank was started by a man named Jaap in Amsterdam in 1996 after he overtook the genetic library of Positronics, the first coffee shop in Amsterdam to sell seeds as well as strains. Along with these strains, Homegrown Fantaseeds started playing with their own genetics and while they have many on offer, they struck gold with their Cheese variety.

Homegrown Fantaseed’s Cheese is everything you’d expect from this delightfully stinky strain, but after the seed bank crossed it with one of their most potent strains, it now provides a knockout punch. Those characteristics earned it third place in the 2003 Cannabis Cup, but the breeders knew it could go so much further than that. They didn’t have to wait long, as in 2008 the strain won them second place for the envied Cannabis Cup prize, the Indica Cup.

Of course, Homegrown Fantaseeds still has Cheese on offer today, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you limit yourself to just this strain. Armageddon, K2, Masterkush, and Northern Lights are some of their other phenomenal strains, to name just a few. And they’re always playing around with the strains they breed to come up with even more. Once they’re put on the market though they don’t last very long, so make sure you get yours today!

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